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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #41

I am trying to identify some plants that we collected in a cool spring in North Alabama. I don't have any books and have looked on the web with out any luck. Wondering if anyone knows of a site that deals with native plants of North America or something along this line? Maybe someone has a clue as to what these are.

One of the plants I have been told for years is Watercress. Never seen watercress to compare it to but  I think that is right. It was found growing in shallow water both above and below the water and in large patches.

The other is a moss(?) that is dark green and attaches itself to rocks. The leaves remind me of cedar tree leaves. They have a long main stems with small delicate looking stems that grow off of the main stalk. Nothing that looks like normal leaves. These was found mostly in the swifter parts of the spring attached to rocks and other things. It sinks when dropped in the water.

The third is the best looking one. It is a single slender stalk, pale green. Small narrow leaves 1/8 inch wide and 1/2 inch long. The leaves are a darker green than the stalk and have some dark red in them. They grow in pairs on opposite sides of the stem. They were found underwater and along the slightly shaded side of the bank. Appears to reproduce by rhizomes. It was growing in a large patch.

I have had the above plants in my 60G for a week or more now. So far they seem to be doing well. I believe that I am seeing growth in the last one that I described. That water they came out of is very clear and people regularly use it for drinking water. The spring runs to the Tennessee river and I am almost sure that these plants do not grow in the river.

Any direction would be appreciated.

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