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RE: thanks

	Well I guess the privilege lies in just reading about others
problems, and if that is it then I am in the wrong.  i would assume that
individuals that have experience in growing successful plants in the
aquarium have had experience in keeping fish as well?  i would certainly
hope so.  If people do not know the answer to a question that is fine but
if it is simple being ignored because it involves fish then that is wrong.
I have successfully kept fish both salt reefs and fresh and have just
recently moved to palnted tanks.  now I have not had any problems keeping
cardinals in a strictly "fish" setting, but now that I have a heavily
planted 75G I cannot keep them alive.  Now I believe THAT is a question
that CAN be fielded by the experienced planters on this list.  If not I am
sorry for being irate, but like you say this is a privilege, and I thought
that this list might help me out.  I as well do not have the time to sift
through the numerous FAQs trying to search for pastinfo that someone is
unwilling to reiterate.  Thanks for your time


University of Michigan