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Bio-Wheel and Co2 loss ?

Hello everyone,
I check the APD archives and could not find any information on the effects of from Bio-wheels on Co2-outgassing.  Has anyone done any experiments comparing bio-wheel Vs no a bio-wheel in planted tanks ?  I recently started injecting Co2 using a reactor and I think the bio-wheel may be working against me.  I do have discus in the tank and bio-wheel is probably contributing substantially to the biological breakdown of nitrites produced the protein-rich discuss diet. I have no detectable ammonia, nitrites, nitrates ~10-25.    I keep them clean and turning at the slowest possible rates by controlling the direction and flow from the spray-bar. Filter is a Magnum 350 Pro, Bio-Wheel 60 (two wheels). 
Your comments are appreciated.  If I don't hear from anyone maybe I will do an experiment with my tank. 
Tom Brennan
/brennans at ix_netcom.com/