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RE: thanks

>        It's good to hear that newbies get resposes.  I ask for a little
>advice and all you people do is ignore me.  That's great!  It's funny how
>much money you all spend to get your tank running and to grow , you spend
>time to tell everyone how intricate your setup is but you can't even
>a few precious minutes to help a newbie out!  Thank you, I appreciate the
>"Oh so precious" minute it would take to help me out.  maybe if egos were
>not so inflated, others would get to experience the same joys as all of
>you experienced planters, oh wait, i have had no problem keeping plants,
>i'm sorry I forgot, my problem is in keeping cardinals, maybe I am on the
>wrong list.  Thank you for your time.

First, many newbies do get responses.  Many times I see questions from
someone new in the hobby, many times they are asking questions that are
easily found in the FAQ, and if I have the time I will give them a
response on where to find an answer, or give them personal expierence
advice if something similar has happened in the past.  Many time I'll send
the response directly to the person, because I don't think that many of
the readers care to see something that has been discussed many times.  I
also see many others that are helping advise new people, for example
George and Karen has given much advice to help out new people.  Sometimes
if there's something that I'm not falimar about I will not try and give
out advice about something I don't know about.  Maybe you just asked
something that no one knew about.

Being on this list is a privlige, not a right.  I've searched the last 5
months of articals and could not find the one you posted about having
problems with cardinal tetras, but I may have missed it.  This list is
primary deals with growing plants, althought fish are not the main topic
they have been discussed also in the past.  Also none of the members are
paid to help out others, we all do this in our spare time.  Maybe your
message was posted when no one had time to answer it.  I've learned a
great amount of information about keeping a planted tank in the last few
months of being on this list.  I'm very thankful for all the help I've
recieved in the past.  And I try to help out new members if I've had
similar expierences.

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