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Re: What is Crypt "Melting"?

Fishboy writes:

<< Exactly what happens when a crypt "melts".  I have heard this term used
> several times but can't find a definite answer to what it is. >>
As I'm going through it now, I can describe it easily.  One day you come home
from work, and some of the leaves on your prize Crypt are paling and losing
their rigidity.  By the next day, the entire plant appears to have turned to
leaf-shaped mush all over the substrate in the immediate vicinity of where
your pride and joy was just two days ago.  I suspect that the plant absorbs
the nutrient value out of the leaves in preparation for growing new leaves
suitable for the new surrounding conditions.  The plant will, I am told,
generate new leaves in about a week, and the shape,structure, and coloration
will be better suited to the depth, temperature, light conditions, pH, etc in
the tank.

Bob Dixon