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Re: Subject: Co2 Reactor

I suspect that the feeding the CO2 into your power filter was 
working quite a bit better than what you are currently doing, 
but have you tested your water to find 
out how effective either method has been? A way that has been 
suggested on this list is to take pH tests.  As CO2 is acidic, you 
can take 2 tests of the water and compare them.  In one test, aerate 
the water by shaking hard for about 20 seconds to get rid of CO2.
The one you shake should have a higher pH if you have enough CO2. You
might want to try this later in the day.  In the morning, you will probably have 
quite a bit of CO2, even if your system is fairly inefficient.

When you where feeding the CO2 into your filter, where you putting it 
directly in, or where you starting out with an air stone.  I have done 
it both ways and like using an air stone much more.  When putting it 
directly in, a lot of the CO2 just shot out of the filter.  

- Darrell 
> From: T Borich <tborich at usa_net>
> Hi all,
> I have been using a DIY Co2 system for about a month now, and am seeing 
> some growth even though I have been feeding the Co2 into the intake of my 
> power filter (I could tell it wasn't working very well, big bubbles were 
> showing up in my filter).  So, I am now feeding the bubbles into a 
> plastic container that is floating at the top of the tank.  It can hold 
> 21/2 cups of gas and about 25+ cubic inches of surface area for gas 
> exchange.  Still, it is constantly full and practically all of the 
> bubbles escape.  Alas, I do not know what to do.
> Suggestions?