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Crypt Melt Questions

1) How long does it take for them to begin recovering?

   My experience is that new leaves will pop back quickly, but 
   never like they were new. I have also noticed that along
   with the meltdown, the roots rotted. So I uprooted them to
   clean away the rotted roots.

   Tropica suggests that you cut the roots back before planting.

2) if the plants in the 30 have gone a week without problems, does this
they will continue as they are, or can I expect them to melt sometime

   Any little environmental change can cause meltdown. Fro example
   light bulbs.

3) If I suck out the scum during water canges with one of those
things, will I pull up the roots?  Or do I just work around all that
they recover and establish themselves?

   With a did tube, clean away all the dead leaves. Gently dig around 
   the roots to see if you can see if they are rotten.

I bought 4 big crypt wendtii, and only one didn't melt. One died
The others recovered, but look measly.

Hope this helps
Sherlock Wong
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