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Crypt melt questions

I got in some Cryptocorynes (wendtii and lutea) from Arizona Aquatic Gardens
last Monday.  I unpotted them, and divided them up, planting them in my
substrate in three tanks.  The wendtii in my 30 gal still look like they did
when they came in.  The wendtii in the 20 and the lutea in the 10 all started
to melt on Friday.  The lutea only went about half way, but the wendtii in the
20 are complete slime.
1) How long does it take for them to begin recovering?
2) if the plants in the 30 have gone a week without problems, does this mean
they will continue as they are, or can I expect them to melt sometime soon?
3) If I suck out the scum during water canges with one of those siphon/vacuum
things, will I pull up the roots?  Or do I just work around all that until
they recover and establish themselves?

Bob Dixon in Boise, where we set a record of 56F for the date yesterday ( I
like this Nino thing)