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Re: Bioplast CO2 Cartridges

<< I got a BioPlast CO2 Starter Kit (the only one the store carries).  This
> comes with a regulator, needle valve, hoses, bubble counter and reactor
> chamber.  It uses small CO2 cartridges that are just a little bit larger
> than the CO2 cartridges sold in sporting good stores for BB guns (to prevent
> you from second sourcing the CO2 supply, I guess ;-).  I also compared it
> with the CO2 cartridges sold for inflating bicycle tires, and they don't
> match either. 
There are a couple of Hydraulics supply houses here in town that can match
just about any kind of fittings.  As Boise is a fairly small town, I would
guess that where you live there is at least one place specializing in that
kind of stuff.  Look in the phonebook and then take the kit and a cartridge
down there.  They can probably build you a hose to adapt between your CO2
device and just about anything including a 50-lb CO2 fire extingusher.  Your
supply bottle may be of a higher than the cartridge, and a regulator of some
kind may have to be positioned between your supply bottle and the Boiplast

Bob Dixon