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Re: Flourite

>Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 21:55:54 -0800
>From: Lori Wong <wongway at goldrush_com>
>The 35 gal. was set up with Flourite (but I did not prep the
>Flourite with any fertilizer tablets).  Like everyone else's
>experiences - it was very dusty and took forever to rinse.
>I think I still did not rinse enough - there was a scum film
>that appeared for probably a week or so that I continually had
>to try to skim off ... 
>It is hard to keep buoyant plants in the
>substrate - it is so light, it is also hard to vacuum without
>sucking up all the Flourite - where I can vacuum the gravel
>in the 50 gal. and not worry about losing any plants or

I know nothing about Flourite, but I wonder if it should be used in the same 
manner as laterite -- mixed in (or used as) the bottom 1/3 of the substrate then 
covered with clean gravel?  This would "seal it in" and you would have regular 
gravel to plant the plants in and for vacuuming.