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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #33

Jeremy- here is alittle info on these fish
Hillstream loaches:
They eat algae, blood worms, etc. 
I feed mine algae disks and Sera brand Premium Tabs.  Mine come out
in the evening and night.  Very peaceful.  Like dark hidey-holes.  Some
mine are pretty active, swimming around, picking at the bottom, and some
just hide all day.  The more I got, the more active (not aggressive)
became, even though they are somewhat territorial.

They like pH around 6.7 and hardness H5 according to Dr. Herbert
24 degrees Celsius.  I heard stories of very high temps. over 80 F. just
outright killing them and temps over 77 F. or so stressing them.  5 cm.
max. length.  They are sensitive to water quality.

From what I gathered, these are some species (from Asia):
Gastromyzon borneensis = light brown with dark spots (I have 8 of these)
Gastromyzon punctulatus = dark brown with light spots
Pseudogastromyzon myersi = light brown with dark, ragged splotches.  The
dorsal  fin has white, clear, and red stripes, I believe, unlike the
others` plainer black/clear dorsal fins.