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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #29

I read the info in the Krib.  Any other info out there on freshwater shrimp,
snails and clams.
Does anyone know of a source for them or Otocinclus Flexilis (mail order)?

I just set up a 20H with flourite, but the coarseness made me question the
diffusion rate of any fertilizer that I would but in the substrate.  Also I
read a thread where planting was easier with a layer of sand on top, so I have
an 1-1/2" of flourite and an 1-1/2" of #2 sand on top.

I want to add some river rocks to my aquariums.  I figured I would test them
with HCl to see if they react (no reaction meaning that they would be okay to
use).  Is this a good rule, any other test I should do before I but them in?