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Re: Biowheels

In a message dated 98-01-17 15:56:43 EST, Roxanne writes:

<< One pet shop owner in Davis told me the Biowheel was a marketing 
 scam and did very little useful filtering. >>

The do very little MECHANICAL filtering, but then they aren't supposed to.
They are strictly biological filters.  They work on the same principals as
wet/dry trickle filters.  Trickle filters brought a revolution in salt water
aquaria, and to say that biowheels are a marketing scam is very harsh.  I
don't use them, but the principals behind them are valid, and they can keep
down ammonia and nitrite levels very effectively.  But if your tank is heavily
planted, such filtration may not be desired, as the plants prefer ammonia to
nitrite, and nitrite to nitrate.

Bob Dixon