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Removal of plants??

I just read a post about planted tanks and I am confused:  I read the

<From: Lori Wong <wongway at goldrush_com>
<I have had this planted since the end of October and after an >
<initial bloom of diatoms (which took some patience and some >
<removal of plants to wash them off) the tank settled down and> 
<started to look great in about two months. >

I have plants that are showing some brown spots on them... should I be
pulling out plants to clean them as described above? Somehow, that doesn't
make sense to me... or, as suggested to me earlier in another post.. should
I buy a fish that will specifically eat this crap? :)

I have Chinese Algae eaters (2 actually) and 3 cory cats for bottom feeders
and I know they won't help... 

I am a complete newbie at plants! ACK!  I know nothing about trimming,
landscaping them, cleaning them... gosh, just when you think you know a lot
about aquariums, you find out you know nothing!  heheh.. that's what I get
for diving into a WHOLE new arena... I thought fish were tough!