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Careful careful <")}}})><

Careful Careful, Walt! Some of us on the list are current employees of
pet or fish stores...and others, like myself, have been (Albany
Aquarium, Albany, CA and Brig O' Dune Pets, Tacoma, WA). :-)

	I've been in the pet store business too. Just long enough to know that
there are many employees who are more interested in selling their
products than informing the customer and letting them decide for
themselves. Then there are those few who get an ego trip out of
informing a customer of a product or animal without actually knowing
that much about it. The store I worked in specialized in reef aquaria so
nobody there knew anything about planted tanks. Though opinions varied,
a mojority of the employees that I worked with (including myself) were
honest in helping the hobbyist, but then there were those few who, well,
you know.
	I would feel confident with a pet store employee if I knew he/she was
genuinely trying to help me; however, to a beginner, a person who is
truely knowlegable about the hobby and a person who is bluffing can both
seem helpful. I just don't want to be steered in the wrong direction
just to boost the sales of a store or an employees ego. I'm pretty
certain that this list has the hobbyist's best interest in mind. 

Sorry if I offended anyone.

(formely of "Fishey Business", Nashville, TN and Bowling Green, KY)