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Yikes! Too much light?

I have been struggling to gather up anough money for 4 40-watt bulbs over a
75-gallon tank.  Finally, last week I got enough to go buy 1 more single strip
light and one double-tube strip light(1 stip light was included with the tank)
plus 2 Plen-Plex Ultra Tri-Lux blulbs and 2 GE Chroma 50's.  This makes for
160 watts over my tank and roughly 2 watts/gallon which is what I have seen
recommended.  The first few days were great.  All the brown algae and blue
green algae that had been terrorizing my tank suddenly disappeared.  Then one
day I noticed the water looked a bit cloudy.  It has been getting cloudier and
cloudier every day since.  Now the water looks like a miniature lagoon(green
water).  There isn't any significant algae growths.....just the green water.
The tank is lit for 10 hours on a combination of 2 bulbs and 14 hours with the
other two.  So why is this happening?  I do weekly water changes and add
FloraPride by Tetra.  The tank recieves little, if any, natural sunlight.
This is really frustrating me and any help is greatly appreciated.pH = 6.8
hardness = 150 ppm