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> Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 22:15:35 -0500
> >From: billski at pipeline_com
> Subject: Flourite
> Does anyone have any experience or opinions about Seachem's Flourite
> substrate ??   I haven't seen much talk about it on the Net.  I'm
> considering using it but I don't know much about it.  Thanx.

I have been using Flourite both as a standard substrate and mixed in with
both plain gravel and mixed with sand. I also used Seachem's Flourish
tablets and liquid in conjunction with Flourite. The results are as follows:
Flourite substrate- substantial root growth visable through glass, Flourish
tablets were used during initial set up, Flourish liquid used sparingly.
Grade A
Flourite/ Gravel mixture- set up as above. Moderate root growth.Grade B-
Flourite/Sand mixture- Most recent set up, but shows much potential. Plants
going like gangbusters. Grade B+
The above tanks all are well planted and moderately stocked. I use DIY CO2
and make regular water changes, lighting appears to be adequate, ph not
My overall opinion is that this is a good product (a tad expensive). It has
for lack of a better word an unusual texture. The hard part seems to be
getting the plant down into the substrate, and keeping it there. Flourite
isn't very dense in fact some of the stuff floated during setup, I guess
it's because this isn't gravel so much as chips. That is the reason I added
sand and it is so much easier to work with that way. Hope this helps.

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