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Re: Somebody help this Newbie!!!

> (1) Filters:
> Would a Penguin Biowheel be an adequate source of filtration for a 10
> gal planted aquarium?
> The splash of the biowheel kinda has me worried that CO2 will rapidly
> escape but the cost and maintenence is cheap. If there are flaws with
> the power filter what are some other options? I'm guessing a Fluval 103
> could be another option and I would consider it if the penguin is
> inadequate.

I use two Aquaclear 300's on the back of my 55 gal tank with airline tubing
running from the CO2 bottles to the filter intakes at the bottom of the
I use two foam blocks and no charcoal in the filters and I keep enough
in the tank to maintain a standing wave from the filter output so I don't
much agitation.  I know I could have drilled holes and cemented the tubing 
into the intakes, but I just used rubber bands.  I ran some tests
to see what kind of CO2 levels I could get with DIY CO2 bottles and yeast.
I tested with the Lamotte CO2 test kit and also correlated with the CO2

2 filters no CO2 ~5 ppm CO2
2 filters 1 bottle CO2 ~12-14 ppm CO2
2 filters 2 bottles CO2 ~16-20 ppm CO2

I think a setup similar to this would be very inexpensive.

Harold G. Walters
hgwalters at halnet_com