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Re: processing laterite

>From: "Shimoda, Wade" <WShimoda at hei_com>
>Subject: How is laterite prepared before it is sold?
>I would like to know if companies such as Dupla prepare the laterite
>before packaging it.  

I don't know the specific steps, but I sure it's cleaned of excess organic crud, 
dried and pulverized to a specific fineness. 

>I am wondering if the packaged stuff is somehow
>treated to reduce clouding of the water with the particles of clay.  

No, if it is added to the water directly, the water will cloud up.  That's why 
it is mixed with the bottom 1/3 of the gravel and then covered with clean gravel 
-- to seal it in.  Dupla laterite settles out quickly if some is pulled up with 
a plant stem but will make a mess if it's not "sealed".  I once reused some 
gravel with laterite.  After washing it as much as I could stand, I put it back 
in the tank and did not use clean gravel to cover it.  The water was red for