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RE: Aponogeton flower stems

Paul Krombholz wrote:

>Wade Shimoda wrote, Jan. 14:
>....After about 2 months of flowering, we have an aponogeton that has
>dying back.  The last three flowers it produced since it started to die
>back have had a short section (about 1") of their stems near the water
>surface that is very distorted.  It's bumpy and is slightly larger in
>diameter than the rest of the stem.  On one flower, the distortion
>created a bend in the stem.  The flowers looked normal, but the seeds
>never developed to maturity, although they did grow a little.  Prior to
>this, all the other flowers (there were at least 10) produced seeds
>have since sprouted.

The bumpy, slightly larger part of the stem next to the flower sounds
normal to me.  Aponogetons often have the largest diameter part of their
stem next to the flower, and often it is bumpy.  Often there is a bend
there that functions to hold the flower out of the water...

Thanks for your reply.  I guess I should be more specific in my
descriptions.  The distorted part of the stem looks _really_ odd, as if
something was growing inside the stem.  It is not the section right
below the flower, but rather 1" or more below the base of the flower.
Some of the distorted sections even had a pointed section protruding out
from the side of the stem, like a rounded off version of a rose thorn.
The bulging is irregular, and there are some small bumps on the bulges,
kind of like goosebumps.  I know, I should try to slice one open to see
if it looks different inside, but I was trying to let them grow out.

Wade Shimoda