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Giant Hygrophila

Today I had to prune some of my Hygrophila. Well one of the leaves was 85mm
long and 23mm large.Now all the leaves are growing of that size.
The solid fertilizer is doing great, still no algae activity.

Anyway can anybody tell me something about this. Last time I had no answer 
-What I don't understand is this: I added 15g of that solid fertilizer
-(14-5-14) that means 2.1g of total nitrogenum that means 42 mg/l of N in
-litres if it is already totally dissolved. 
-Supposing that all the nitrogenum was converted in NO3 it will mean that I
-could have not more than 170 mg/l of NO3 if those 42 mg/l of N were
-converted. Is this right?

Thanks a lot
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)