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Re:Plants turning brown??

Boris Kaushansky wrote, Jan. 13:

.........Here's the problem though, the older leaves on ALL the plants have
>>      what appears to be a brown coating or maybe they lost their entire
>>      green coloring for the brown.  They leaves never went through a yellow
>>      stage just green to brown.  It appears as though they are
>>      deteriorating.  The new leaves on the other hand, are vibrant green.
>>      Oh, the tank has 2 20W tubes, triton and trichromatic, additionally
>>      their is no glass to and bulbs are 2" above the surface of the water.

It is important that you try to distinguish whether the leaves have a brown
coating or whether they have actually turned brown.  If it is a brown
coating, then it may be caused by a mix of algae types including diatoms
that are a golden brown color.  On the other hand, it may be a heavy
deposit of iron compounds that were solubilized in the substrate and then
deposited on the leaves.  If this is happening, you should also get a
deposit on the glass.  .

Paul Krombholz, in soggy, rainy central Mississippi