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Oh, those science fair projects :)


>From: Stuart <Stuartt at fast_net>
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>To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
>Subject: Science fair
>	I am doing a science fair project simulating the possibility of
>underwater farming using luciet rods(rods that conduct light).  I am
>taking two aquariums and blacking one out so that no light can penetrate
>through into the water (this one is the variable).  The other aquarium I
>am leaving un blocked so the light can get in.  The algae in the
>variable is going to be grown using the luciet rods.   This will
>simulate growing plants at the bottom of the ocean where no light can
>penetrate.  The ? i have   is what to allow the algae to grow in (what
>kind of soil, if any) and any other factors i should be aware of. 
>Thanks for your info.