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defect in aponogeton flower stem

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about what this might be.  I
checked Neil Frank's nutrient deficiency chart but I'm still clueless.

After about 2 months of flowering, we have an aponogeton that has begun
dying back.  The last three flowers it produced since it started to die
back have had a short section (about 1") of their stems near the water
surface that is very distorted.  It's bumpy and is slightly larger in
diameter than the rest of the stem.  On one flower, the distortion
created a bend in the stem.  The flowers looked normal, but the seeds
never developed to maturity, although they did grow a little.  Prior to
this, all the other flowers (there were at least 10) produced seeds that
have since sprouted.  No other changes have been noticed in the other
plants (amazon sword, red sword, vallisneria), except for our madagascar
lace plant that decided to revive itself after being dormant for about 2

Wade Shimoda