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I have read a few articles about bubbling of plants(pearling effect)
from the list a number of times and i find it rather amusing to see my
own plants bubble after water changes. My question is : Some people say
it's due to the satuaration of O2 from the tap water that causes it to
bubble .Some say that it's the satuaration of CO2 from the tap water
.The others argue that's it's due to the pressure in the tap water that
causes the bubbling. I am very confused about this. can i get some
I realy enjoy seeing my plants bubbling. To me it's like a sign of good
water condition and with some music while looking at it makes me really
happy. I have been trying many ways to get this effect until lately when
i inserted chicken waste pellets into my gravel only tank and doubled
the dosage of CO2 with a yeast mixture and a electrode device
(Nisso)>Finally i changed 80% of my water and my dream came true!!
The rpoblem now is how can i sustain this effect because when i turn in
my filter..all thh bubbles slowed down...but the growth rate seems
unaffected...what could be the cause of this?
Wish i can meet some bubble enthusiast out there and we can discuss
about this...i know some people think the only impotant thing is that
your plants grow well ,but i took up this hobby when i first saw a show
tank at aquarama 97 in Singapore and the bubbles impressed me alot...now
i have this bubble obssession! Look forawrd to someone who can help me
on this..then i'll tel you guy about the green water later. Thanx
This is my 1st post to the list and i hope i can see it in this month's
archive...wonder how long it;ll take but i read it almost everyday!
Can't wait to see my post there for the 1st time! Hope you guys can make
me dream come true soon! Thanx a million...i am proud to be in the list
now but still don;t really know if i am posting to the right adresse.
Ray fron Singapore! Thank you !