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Re[2]: Plants turning brown

     Nope, sorry, no pleco's in my tank.  The current inhabitants include a 
     SAE, blue ram cichlid, and fire eel.  The SAE does hang around the 
     plants a lot, but no way can he have cause this to all the plants.
     Thanks anyway,

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Subject: Re: Plants turning brown 
Author:  "Merrill Cohen" <amc2 at ix_netcom.com>  at INTERNET
Date:    1/13/98 4:49 PM

I'm going to "take a shot" that you have some Plecostomus and/or Xenocara 
in your aquarium.  They "suck" on the older leaves and cause this.  If this 
is so, I would suggest that you put in some driftwood and keep a piece of 
cucumber in your aquarium at all times.  If you have fish that need 
cellulose in their diet, this is the answer. Also, it will be good to 
remove those outer leaves on the Amazons as this seems to make them grow 
fuller and taller.
>      Here's the problem though, the older leaves on ALL the plants have 
>      what appears to be a brown coating or maybe they lost their entire 
>      green coloring for the brown.  They leaves never went through a 
>      stage just green to brown.  It appears as though they are 
>      deteriorating.  The new leaves on the other hand, are vibrant green. 
>      Oh, the tank has 2 20W tubes, triton and trichromatic, additionally 
>      their is no glass to and bulbs are 2" above the surface of the 
>      Please help, I'm stumped!!
Good luck,
Aquatic Gardeners Association