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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #22

I meant to say would anyone be interested in _offering_ me a tutorial.  Upon
reading my post this morning, it looks as if the blurb was meant as my
tutorial.  Uhhh.....No.  Sorry.

>Would anyone be interested in a quick tutorial on specific and general
>hardness?  I have read many FAQs and pages but they all dance around
>exactly spelling things out.
>I believe alkalinity to be specific hardness (KH?) while general hardness
>GH.  I have also read to add NaHCO3 at 6 grams per 50 L to increase KH by 4
>degrees.  Addition of 4 g CaCO3 per 50 L is reported to increase KH and GH
>by 4 degrees [from the homepage of George Booth-thx).  Has anyone had
>experience in creating tailored hard water?
>What is the conversion between degrees and ppm?
>Are there any other salts to add to modify GH and KH (eg, Mg)?
>Thanks in advance for any help.