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Plants turning brown??

     I've had my 25 gal setup for 4 months now.  Gone through the cycle 
     stages, through the algae blooms, cloudy water and finally water 
     parameters are stable and OK.  The tank has DIY CO2 via eheim 
     canister, and is dosed regularly with iron and other supplements. 
     Hygros and watersprite grow like weeds, java moss is greatly spreading 
     and amazon has more than doubled in size.
     Here's the problem though, the older leaves on ALL the plants have 
     what appears to be a brown coating or maybe they lost their entire 
     green coloring for the brown.  They leaves never went through a yellow 
     stage just green to brown.  It appears as though they are 
     deteriorating.  The new leaves on the other hand, are vibrant green.
     Oh, the tank has 2 20W tubes, triton and trichromatic, additionally 
     their is no glass to and bulbs are 2" above the surface of the water.
     Please help, I'm stumped!!