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Solid fertilizer and 100 mg/l of NO3

Hi everybody,
                    after one week of using that solid fertilizer my NO3
went at 100 mg/l and I had to do a water change for my fishes, but no algae
activity till now.
What I don't understand is this: I added 15g of that solid fertilizer
(14-5-14) that means 2.1g of total nitrogenum that means 42 mg/l of N in 50
litres if it is already totally dissolved. 
Supposing that all the nitrogenum was converted in NO3 it will mean that I
could have not more than 170 mg/l of NO3 if those 42 mg/l of N were totally
converted. Is this right?

Next I will use less fertlizer and maybe I will add smaller amounts more
often. The results are incredible.

Hope you can help
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)