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Re: needle valve problem

> Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 09:27:36 -0800
> From: dozenne at 10fold_com (David Ozenne)
> Subject: ARO F01 needle valve problem
> I finally found a local supplier of the ARO F01 needle
> valve, and thought that my CO2 system was complete.  I
> got everything hooked up, with the airline going into a
> bucket of water for testing.  When I opened the regulator
> to its minimum stable pressure (< 1 psi, the gauge doesn't
> really measure that low) and turned the F01 for minimum
> flow rate, I got about 4 bubbles per second.  Opening the
> valve wide open, the flow rate perhaps doubled.
> I was very surprised that the valve would not close all
> way.  Did I get the wrong valve?  Is this one defective?

David, A friend of mine had the exact same problem as yours. He called
Grainger's tech support for advice. They told him that the FO1 (which is
really a flow valve, BTW. The NO1, which may or may not be obsolete,
is/was a needle valve.) was designed to have an input pressure of 200
psi. I also have an FO1, so I cranked the input pressure up to the
maximum 100 psi that my regulator allows. Sure enough, it worked better.
I still cannot shut the CO2 off completely, but I can get it down to 1
bubble every 3-4 seconds. And that is plenty good for me.

> Also, does anyone else out there have a problem with
> clown loaches attacking plants?  They take nibbles out
> of the newest, most tender leaves of my swords, and
> have nearly destroyed my giant val.  Meanwhile, they
> completely ignore the trumpet and ramshorn snails,
> though they have eliminated the pond snails entirely.

Yes. This seems to be fairly common. Some people have suggested that
feeding cucumber slices helps.  

Good Luck, Pat Bowerman