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DIY CO2 in tank

Steve wrote:

I have the end of tube from the pop bottle going into a powerhead canister.
I have cleaned the media in the canister so I don't think that it is so
plugged that the powerhead is actually sucking the liquid from the bottle
(or maybe it is).


The powerhead is sucking out the contents of your DIY CO2 bottle. I have
better results routing the CO2 into a reactor (old gravel cleaning tube)
that has the output flow running through it.  The water flow mixes the CO2
very nicely w/o getting the yeast mixture into the tank.

BTW, I have finally found a mixture combination for my DIY CO2 that lasts
two weeks: two cups of sugar,  tsp. of yeast,  and 1 tsp. of bicarb.  All
in a 2 lt. bottle 2/3s full.  I am still looking for the right mixture to
last three weeks.

Ken Guin
Kenguin at erols_com