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Re: DIY CO2 turning pink

Jonathan has pink yeast water after a few days. Possibilities:
- the yeast has a pink color naturally? try different yeast...
- the other nutrients in your tap water are a factor
- the tap water is not sterile and something besides yeast is growing

Why not boil the tap water first, dissolve the sugar, let it cool for an
hour or two and then add the yeast. Your average room temperatures are
probably 30C or higher Jonathan. The yeast may run fast... Our bread
yeast has a yellowish (tan) color. If its not causing a problem, I
wouldn't be concerned about it too much. You could try distilled water
to see if the tap water is the critical factor but it's probably too
expensive to use all the time and not worth the trouble if the output
time is about the same.

Steve Pushak
Aquatic Gardeners Association

PS. If you are a member of AGA, you can add the AGA line to your sig. I
think this will help folks realize how many successfuly AGA folks there
are around. We can all help to promote the Aquatic Gardeners
Association. If I can get the AGA member list I'm thinking of adding a
column to indicate AGA members in the aquatic plant grower list. This
will help us to organize local meetings of AGA members like the ones at
NEC we read about in TAG. Comments or objections?