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Jobes Plant Sticks

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Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 00:31:30 -0500 (EST)
From: Tim Mullins <tmullins at telerama_com>
To: Aquatic Plants List <Aquatic-Plants at ActWin_com>
Subject: Jobes Plant Sticks

Awhile ago someone mentioned
occasionally using Jobes Plant
Sticks with a 16-2-6 formulation
to help fertilize specific plants
(it might have been the oft
misquoted Karen Randell).

I've found Jobes Houseplant Sticks
with 13-4-5 and Jobes Large Houseplant
Sticks with 14-3-7, but nothing with
P as low as 2.  Does anyone know
how Jobes labels the 16-2-6 variety? 

Also, by way of an experiment, I
buried 1/3 of a 13-4-5 stick 1.5"
deep in gravel in a small 3" deep
pot. I then put the lone pot in a
bare 5 gallon kept at 80 degrees
and stirred with a 160 g/hr powerhead.
Initially PO4 was well under 
.05mg/ltr. But, within 5 days, PO4
had climbed to over .6mg/ltr. WOW!
Anyone else found PO4 leakage to be a
problem? Are there ways to minimize

Thanks,  Tim Mullins - Pittsburgh