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Halimeda and stuff

Steve Quotes:
"Almost all forms of Caulerpa grew very well for me when my tanks
were well kept.  I have never seen Halimeda nor shaving brushes
do anything but die in captivity."

Halimeda is a calcarious algae, believe it or not, and requires an
adequate calcium level of approx 400-450 as well as a dKH of 7-10. I've
had it grow on indonesian live rock fairly well in these conditions with
175 watt10,000k MH pendant. It graws very slowly. Caulerpa, on the other
hand, grows like a weed. You need to continually crop it down because if
it grows out of hand it will crash and the phosphates (DIP) will go
through the roof. I used to snatch out every single bit of caulerpa in
my reef but it kept growing back. I guess this was a decent mechanical
way of removing phosphates but not very reliable. Algae scrubbing (using
algae as a filter) is taking the back seat now in the reef hobby. They
work great for fish only tanks though.