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Re: what is an aquatic plant?!

     >   > > Also, does anyone have any information as to 
     >   > > culture for marine plant life (i.e. caulerpa, halimeda, 
     >   > > pencillus dumetosus 'shaving brush'?  
     >  Almost all forms of Caulerpa grew very well for me when my tanks 
     >  were well kept.  I have never seen Halimeda nor shaving brushes 
     >  do anything but die in captivity.  But I stopped keeping up with 
     >  reef tank CW back about four years now.  
     >  I would *love* to hear from anyone who keeps variety of
     >  flurishing marine plants.  After all, plant tanks are a aweful 
     >  lot like reef tanks with algae filters.  In other words, I
     >  flirt with the idea of a marine *plant* tank with just a tiny 
     >  few corals.  (But a marine plant tank filled with Caulerpa
     >  would be boring and tropical plant tanks are *so* much cheaper 
     >  to maintain, easier to maintain and healther!)
     I just wanted to add my $0.02.  Caulerpas are very easy to grow--mine 
     flourished under 4 40-watt flourescents over a 90 gallon tank. I have 
     never attempted to grow Halimeda or shaving brushes, but it can be 
     done.  What do you mean by "healthier?"
     My all-time favorite saltwater aquarium was simply a stack of 
     honeycomb limestone heavily planted with several species of Caulerpa.  
     And no, it wasn't boring--the genus Caulerpa has many species with 
     different sizes and shapes; one even looks like a bunch of grapes.  I 
     kept blennies, cowfish, and a sharpnose puffer.
     Kind regards,