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CO2 Liquid Discharge Into Tank

I have a DIY CO2 setup which I have running for about a year. Twice
in the past week I have encountered a strange problem. For some
reason the liquid (yeast/water/alcohol) is being sucked out of the 
2l pop bottle into the tank and the pop bottle has collapsed somewhat.

I have the end of tube from the pop bottle going into a powerhead canister.
I have cleaned the media in the canister so I don't think that it is so
plugged that the powerhead is actually sucking the liquid from the bottle
(or maybe it is). 

The liquid has caused the tank water to become very cloudy. The first time
it happened I changed about 10% water and the next day the tank water
was a clear as usually.

Three Questions:
1) Has anyone experienced this before?
2) Any ideas on what caused the liquid to be sucked out?
3) Will the liquid in the tank cause any problems for the fish and plants.
   (Other than slightly tipsy fish with hangovers)..

Steve Turner