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Re: CUBE tank

Andy Galassi <agalassi at onpoint_com> asks about a 2' Cube tank (2'x2'x2')
for plants. I think it's a pretty good shape. It works well with an MH
pendant light, either 175 or 250 watt. It's deep but not too deep that
you can't get into it. I have a 2'x2'x28" which was a real pain to work
with. You had to get your armpits wet to work in there. I filled the
bottom 8" with sand and some very low organic materials (another story)
so that I could work with it. It works well for tall plants like
Cryptocoryne blassii, C crispatula var. balansae. I've had a pretty huge
Amazon sword plant in there but got rid of it because it takes a lot of
room. I think the big Amazons are good for the 150 gal class of tank
because you probably want to have a few other large contrasting plants
with it. I have an E horemanii that might get big but I think there
aren't enough nutrients in this particular substrate to make it grow
fast and its probably getting shaded by that C blassii.

Stephen Pushak
Aquatic Gardeners Association