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Steve, pedantic????

I don't know whether Steve is pedantic, and I really don't care. I enjoy 
his posts, I learn something from some of them, and I get a lot to think 
about from others. I may never do a tank with a "Pushak" substrate, but 
then again I keep thinking of trying something from his ideas just to see 
what happens for me. You never know. And that has nothing to do with a 
search for the substrate "holy grail" - it's about the opportunity to try 
something new and to see what happens with it, how it stacks up to my 
current practices, and what I can eventually bring from one to the other 
to get a little closer to what we all want - the perfect, no maintenance, 
ultimate growth, absolutely beautiful masterpiece. It's nice to know 
we'll never achieve it because the real fun is in the trying, thinking, 
talking and writing, etc. I definitely don't want to see Steve give up on 
any of that including the writing.

I feel the same about the postings of many of the other regulars - learn 
from some items, think about others, and enjoy almost all of them. On the 
enjoyment side I'd probably prefer not to see "flame wars" when things 
start to get personal as they sometimes do, but a good "hammer and tongs" 
debate that doesn't degenerate to personal criticism can be fun and 
educational. That's a hard line to toe and we can all get that wrong 

Steve, please keep up the posts. We all lose when someone who cares about 
something as you do, and who tries to share his joy and interests, feels 
they have to pull back from that.

David Aiken