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Re: Echinodorus "Ozelot"

> From: "Brad Grenard" <brgrenard at SMLY-01_HFS.PURDUE.EDU>
> Subject: Name that plant
Brad wrote:
> The LFS has a plant for sale that is labeled "Ozelot Sword".  It 
> strongly resembles an Amazon Sword but it has some redish veins in 
> the stems and leaves.  It is about 5 -6 inces tall.  The staff at the 
> LFS doesn't know the species name.  Anyone care to guess?  It's a 
> really beautiful plant and I'm tempted to buy one, but at $14.99 
> each, I'd like to know more about it first.  Thanks for any help.

This is a gorgeous addition to anyone's collection -- a cultivar from South
America.  It takes 15-30 degrees C; grows 15-25 cm tall and about the same
width.  It likes bright light but will grow slower with moderate lighting. 
It does respond to "laterite" and "Jobes" sticks every two months in water
that has a higher than average calcium level (like E. Bleheri). Mine grow
reddish with a beautiful spotted pattern of a maroon color.  It is worth
the $14.99 as it took a good while to grow to that size -- even in Florida
(probably from where your supplier got it). (Most of the requirements came
from Tropica in Denmark who had the plant first or got it first from people
in the Far East that have been cloning unusual "sports".  Tropica now does
their own tissue culture work.)  Don't use any other fertilization if you
have fish in the aquarium other than an iron and manganese additive or else
it will not grow!

Good luck!