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Subject: Polishing Glass

I may actually be able to contribute something beneficial to the list.
I work for a Coated Abrasives Manufacturer (ie. sand paper-someone has to
make it!).  We manufacture a product with the trade name Tufbak used by Lens, CRT and Glass manufacturers in the finer grit ranges, Automotive Manufacturers and body shops for Wet sanding in the coarser Grit Ranges.  It is a waterproof paper with a silicon carbide abrasive.  Recommend the  3 micron---Finer than Talcum powder, available in a small sticker-like shape, some so small you use your finger tip as a 'lap'. 
Not commercially available.  However, next time you are purchasing eyeglasses or having your glasses adjusted, ask them to score a few pieces for you.  Sand your glass gently, using water for lubrication.  

Jean Olson's comments are correct about making the surface imperfect with sanding.  However, it's far less objectionable than the spots.  Jean is also correct regarding the products you will want to use.  I'm just giving you a practical source for the material.  A jeweler may be a good source for product even less abrasive than the Tufbak I've mentioned. Jean, were you a sandman in another life?

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