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Re: SiO2 deposits

 Paul Krombholz wrote:
> Vinegar would work well with calcium carbonate deposits, but these are SiO2
> deposits.  I once tried concentrated HCl, which is close to 100%, whereas
> muriatic acid is only 20%, but it didn't touch these deposits.  It, by the
> way, came in a glass bottle.  I heard that strong alkalis were more likely
> to dissolve glass, and I once tried scrubbing with steel wool, a few drops
> of water and pieces of sodium hydroxide, but I didn't see any effect.

You are right, Paul. Vinegar and even concentrated acids will not
affect glass.  One exception is hydrofluoric acid, which can react
with silicon oxides to give fluorosilicate ions.
Do you think there could be a lot of fluoride in your water?
And more generally, does anyone know about the toxicity of fluoride on
aquatic organisms?
Curtis Hoganson        Dept. of Chemistry, Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824                517-355-9715 ext 260