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Samolus parviflorus

Subject: Does anyone now this plant?
>I realy don't now much about this plant, except it's name which is
Samolus. I don't now if it's >the true name of this plant.

Yes, that's the genus.  The species is S parviflorus.  The common name I've
come across most often is "Water Cabbage", although many books also use the
name "Water Rose".  It does look like little green heads of lettuce.
Baensch suggests that the plant cannot be propagated underwater, but this
has not been the case for me.  The larger plants pop out a steady stream of
smaller plants, roots and all, from their centers.  These can be moved
elsewhere, and will grow to full size.  It _is_ true that mine have never
flowered submerged.

It's a pretty plant that makes a useful foreground plant in a tank with
adequate lighting.  

I believe that George has had experience with this plant as well.
Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association