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Re: Solubility of SiO2

Dave Gomberg wrote:
......> isn't SiO2 glass?  And isn't glass
> pretty generally INsoluble in water (and most other things)?   What gives
> here? .......

I have graphic evidence that glass is soluble, and this fact causes me
problems.  I have tight-fitting glass plates over my tanks to keep CO2 from
escaping. When the lights are on during the day the top layer of water in
the tank warms up, and when the lights go off at night there is a lot of
condensation on the glass.  The next day the lights go on and dry up this
condensation.  This process dissolves SiO2 and redeposits it, and after
only a few months I get cloudy little rings where the drops form and then
dry out.  After a year or two the glass gets so cloudy that it cuts out a
significant amount of light.  I have tried various kinds of scouring, but I
havn't found anything that scours this redeposited glass off without
scratching the glass and making it just as cloudy.

Paul Krombholz, 780 Rosewood Pointe, Madison MS  39110