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where to get aquatic plants

I think the best way to get aquatic plants is to contact one of our
fellow APDers. I had been tracking the names, locations and email
addresses of the list contributors (who included their location) for a
long time but gave it up about a year ago when I lost my Unix account. I
still have a long list of folks from all over the world (even our
neighbours due south). In the past I sent it to anyone who asked on the
list where to get plants. At this point, I am considering putting the
list onto my website but I am concerned about potential abuse by
spammers. I guess its no worse than the spammers subscribing to this
digest to get the list of subscribers from the Majordomo robot. Any
concerns about me making such a list available? We could protect it from
casual surfers with a password but a password is trivial to bypass for
any savvy HTMLer and a nuisance for real users.

Anyway, email me your comments or if you want to be excluded/included in
the list or if you want to get a copy for the sole purpose of acquiring
plants or sharing information with your neighbours. The list is
copyrighted and cannot be redistributed without permission from myself.

Oh yeah, anybody in Vancouver can get plants from me most anytime and we
sometimes mail plants inside Canada during the warmer months. By "We" I
mean the Vancouver aquatic plant group so we hope noone gets their
undies in a bunch over the plural first person pronoun. ;-) Occasionally
we use it when we are feeling sovereign but that should be rarely since
we've had a recent comeuppance. [tee-hee]