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Hair Algae Eliminators

I have been having hair algae ( among others ) problems and
someone said something about placing Philodendron cuttings
in the tank to root, thus pulling the phosphates out of the
water column.

My tanks are open topped and I like plants so I gave it a
try. I took about 8 cuttings and hung them in the corners of
the tanks with plastic ties. About 1/2 took and slowly
started to grow roots. I was thinking that this would take
forever, when I thought of some baby spider plants I had
been rooting in a jar. I decided to try them too. They took
off in a few days.

It works ! Two of my tanks are without any hair algae in
about 4 weeks. The spider clumps have roots about 3 to 4 "
long and about 2 to 3 " around. each clump started with
about 6 baby spider plants. One clump has already sent out a
stem with a new baby.

I did this to try out the idea to eliminate hair algae and
I'm glad it works, however I also like the plant clumps
hanging in the corners.

Thank you whoever told me about this method.

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