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 Simone wrote:
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 19:37:12 +0100
From: "Simone e Pierluigi Vicini" <psvicini at mdnet_it>
Subject: Compressed bottle

Hi there,
            I have three questions for you about CO2 compressed bottle
pressure regulator.

Well I bought a compressed bottle of 1Kg with a pressure regulator and
pressure manometers yesterday. Now my questions are:

1 I can read a pressure of 51 atm (750 psi) coming from the bottle but
after the regulator I have no pressure reading in the outlet. The
on the outlet has a scale from 0 to 3 atm  but nothing moves even if the

CO2 is coming out and entering in my CO2 bell very fast.
Is this normal? I mean is it normal that I have no pressure after the
2.I cannot set a right flow rate because after setting something like 1
bubble every two seconds I wait 5 minutes and the flow stops and I have
turn again the valve and set it again to 1/2 bps
Is this normal? Do I  have  to set the flow every time until things
3.Is there a way to know how long will my bottle last?

Hope you can help me
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)

PS thank you everybody for the answers about my DIY reflector question
I have a manual (beer meister) setup with a 5lb tank. It sounds like you
have the same situation as I do but over the course of a year I have the
settings dialed in.
First, my gauges read as yours do. After the regulator I have to have
the gauge read 0 or I get to much gas. However if I turn the needle
valve the gauge does move.
After I set it the bubbles slow down just like yours. So I have to keep
readjusting the regulator screw over the course of about an hour. In the
beginning this caused two fish die offs.
I thought I had the valve set right but when I returned there was gas
gushing into the tank and all the fish dead. This was due to a large
temp. change in the tank. It said in a cold MN warehouse, then i bought
it took it home, hooked it up and set the valves for the cold temp flow
rate. Well, as the gas warmed it of course expnded and dead fish.
To make a long story short here is what I do:

1.I buy the tank at least 24 hours in advance of replacement.
2. I let the tank come to room temp before replacing. (24 hrs)
3. I reduce the pressure after the regulator to 0. This usually  to gets
me down to 2 or 3 bubble /sec.
4. Every CO2 tank is different, I have yet to be able to just leave the
settings from the old tank and hook up a new one. I always have to
5. Readjustments must be done under careful watch and usually over a 1
hour period. With a new tank I found the settings drift very quickly to
extremes. The bubbles either fade to a stop or gush!
6. After the adjustment period the settings last the contensts of the
bottle, usually about 3 months.

Hope this helps, I thing your setup is working. If the gauge never moves
when you turn the regulator screw, first try tapping the gauge. It may
be stuck.

Bill Ruff