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Compressed bottle

Hi there,
            I have three questions for you about CO2 compressed bottle and
pressure regulator.

Well I bought a compressed bottle of 1Kg with a pressure regulator and two
pressure manometers yesterday. Now my questions are:

1 I can read a pressure of 51 atm (750 psi) coming from the bottle but
after the regulator I have no pressure reading in the outlet. The manometer
on the outlet has a scale from 0 to 3 atm  but nothing moves even if the
CO2 is coming out and entering in my CO2 bell very fast.
Is this normal? I mean is it normal that I have no pressure after the
2.I cannot set a right flow rate because after setting something like 1
bubble every two seconds I wait 5 minutes and the flow stops and I have to
turn again the valve and set it again to 1/2 bps
Is this normal? Do I  have  to set the flow every time until things
3.Is there a way to know how long will my bottle last?

Hope you can help me 
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)

PS thank you everybody for the answers about my DIY reflector question