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"Corner Cube" reflectors & AGA Pages Updated

> From: "Jonathan Uy" <5js at durian_usc.edu.ph>
> Subject: DIY reflector
> I thought of using reflective stickers as reflectors on my hood during
> construction.  These high quality 3M brand stickers are use for outdoor
> signs and advertisements. 

Dumb question here: Aren't those reflectors designed to reflect most of
the light out at exactly the same angle from which it comes in?  i.e.,
they're meant to appear very bright when you shine a headlight at it, from
the point of view of someone right near the headlight.  I'd think this
wouldn't be so useful as a tank reflector, since it would send the light
careening back to the bulb rather than toward the tank.

Anyway, to other things.  I have (finally) updated the AGA page, since I
(finally) got a copy of the Sep-Oct TAG (mailed to me personally by Neil
after my subscription futzed up).  I suppose everyone else has already
gotten the Nov-Dec issue, so maybe I'll have that info up by March. :) 


  - Erik

Erik D. Olson					         amazingly, at home
eriko at wrq_com