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re.:Green film algae

Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 17:46:13 -0800
From: dozenne at 10fold_com (David Ozenne)
Subject: Green film algae

<<I have a serious algae problem.  The hair and black brush
algaes are unsightly, but what really bothers me is the green
film algae.  After a thorough cleaning I get a noticable haze after
24 hrs.  If I go a week without cleaning the glass I have a solid
opaque sheet of bright green.  >>

'Green algae' are usually  a good diet for some fish (especially the fish
from the Carp family ,Cyprinidae, e.g. goldfish). If you have a lot of
unwanted algae growth you need more fish. My experience with my 70 gallon
tank is that 25  small goldfish will do a lot of cleaning of all kinds of
algae. Don't feed the goldfish so they will eat the algae. It takes about
2-3 weeks, but the goldfish does a good job cleaning algae growth on plants.

Jos Liem
New Westminster BC, Canada
E-mail: liem at direct_ca