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FW: hardness of your water

From: 	Simone e Pierluigi Vicini[SMTP:psvicini at mdnet_it]
Sent: 	Saturday, January 03, 1998 3:50 AM
To: 	ots at shaw_wave.ca
Subject: 	RE: hardness of your water

Hi Bryan,
              the hardness of your tap water is OK 8? GH is a good value.
It means that if you change 10% of your water every week you are adding
maybe 10 mg/l of calcium in your tank. Steve is right speaking about
vermiculite and these are the two possibilities I'm thinking of.

1. your substrate is sucking up the calcium that is in your water and that
means that plants with established roots will be able to take calcium from
the substrate and from the water faster than your Hygrophyla wich I think
you cut and replanted before this symptom came up.

<Bryan-> True.. but it is happening on my other Hygro Siamensis which has a 
<well established root system. Is there any way that a nutrient can be used 
up <within the plant faster than it can be absorbed by the plants leaves or 
<(assuming all nutrients are available)

Try to add calcium and remember that if you add CaCO3 it will mean 40% of 
calcium and 60% of CO3. 1g of CaCO3 in your 400l tank will mean 400mg of Ca 
and 600mg  of CO3 i.e. 1mg/l of Ca and 1.5 mg/l of CO3.

2.Maybe it's a boron deficiency and if the calcium will not solve the
problem try with boric acid as suggested.

Well could be also other but these two things seem to be more realistic.
You have a wonderful tank
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)